An act of shamanic magic (by A.Našlėnas)

These photographs are of my good friend and teacher Algirdas Darongauskas.

Algis sold me my first ‘serious’ photo camera back in 2004 and since then I kept coming back to him for advice and technological help. He taught me a lot about the technology of photography, but more importantly – he taught me how to see the world in my own unique way. Algis is a master of this. He spent almost 20 years photographing stones on the Baltic seashore near the harbour town Klaipėda. Always the same shore, nothing else but stones… however, in the gigantic portfolio made in those 20 years there are no two photographs that look alike! Incredible attention to detail, inner freedom and flexibility of imagination to see the same object in a completely different way every time!

These photographs are from a very special day for me back in 2006, when Algis took me on one of his walks along the shoreline to take pictures. As I recall it now, it was no less than an act of shamanic magic. In that one trip without saying a single word Algis passed me the secret of freedom of imagination, which enables me to create and which I will cherish forever.

Augustinas Našlėnas, artist, designer, photographer 2018

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